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Wooden Rocking Horse


Wooden Rocking Horse

$ 255.00

Large Solid Wood Rocking Horse - Beautiful Colors

This Gorgeous Rocking Horse has a tail that can be placed up or down. Not sure of the age...... Its is in great vintage condition. It does have a small hairline crack on the bottom right rocker side which I have taken a picture of. It wasn't really bad/noticeable and has since been glued/filled. I would probably get a wood marker and go over the crack so not to see wood filler so much (not that its that noticeable unless pointed out) but I didn't want to do this before selling because I wanted prospective buyers to be able to see where the repair was made. Now, pretty much good as new......I personally would have not filled the crack if I was going to keep because the crack to me was character and just added to vintage look. I felt repairing it before selling was the smartest decision so it didn't get any worse.

I had this horse on top of a huge antique armoire in my sons room with berry stemmed greenery around it. He is older now and has grown out of it. I just feel its a shame to keep in storage when someone else can enjoy this masterpiece. It is quite heavy so I'm just estimating shipping. If I find its cheaper or a little more expensive because of proximity from Florida I will let you know asap.

Dimensions: 22"Tall x 38" Long x 12" Wide

I would say this piece is more for decorative purposes but a very small child could probably use it if supervised.

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