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Our Company

Stephie’s Design was established in 2002 and was primarily known for Home Accessorizing and Model Home Staging as well as custom Chandeliers adorned with such items as Cherubs, Roosters, Starfish and the most popular request, my custom Mermaid chandeliers that include silk shades adorned with seashell shades. Most recently, Stephie’s Design has created a sister company, the Shabby Mermaid.  The Shabby Mermaid specializes in one of a kind vintage/estate furniture pieces that get the full treatment and are brought back to their original state of heirloom quality furniture. We also create custom gift baskets for all different occasions.  French Country and Vintage Flare home furnishing, Beach accessories, Purrrfect Pet décor, Rustic and Romantic Country is widely seen throughout our design portfolio.

My vision for Stephie’s Shabby Mermaid has always been and will continue to be to open a physical storefront but until I can find the perfect location in close proximity to where I reside or until the area in which I live starts to flourish/grow (and ultimately become more diverse in regards to clientele), I will just concentrate on building my online business. I would like for the Shabby Mermaid to provide clients and customers with those unique items they can’t find in the local retail stores. I want to provide clients with repurposed family heirloom furniture pieces that fit into most anyones design style and budget.  Provide outstanding customer service is also very important to me.

I do ask visitors to please be patient with me in regards to my website/online store. It’s a work in progress and I’m new to website design. Some things may still not be properly linked yet.  Feel free to contact me if you are looking for something in particular or are looking for something special.