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About Me.....

Owner – Stephanie Stewart

Originally from the Midwest, growing up I was surrounded by the usual country furnishings consisting of heavy mahogany, heavily grained oak wood, oversized recliners and finished basements.  As an adult, I moved from my small hometown, Concord IL (consisting of 200 people) and relocated the Chicago suburbs. There I attended Roosevelt University and obtained an Associates in Accounting and Bachelors in Business.  After several corporate jobs in offices with no windows, I realized I needed to make a change. My true passion was Design so I went back to school to pursue a career in Interior Design. 

French Country, Beach Living, Romantic Cottage and sometimes incorporating the Modern Industrial style is my specialty.  I have always loved the look of aged, heavily distressed and weathered furniture.  I love finding furniture and accessories and transforming them from something that used to just look old and dirty into quality heirloom pieces that bring its owners a sense of warmth and comfort.  I feel your home should be filled with items that reflect your personality and more importantly bring you peace. I have made it my life’s journey to help others accomplish this task.